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The Passion and Purpose behind the film

10 years ago I met Peter & Michelle McCubbin: a South African couple who traded their everyday lives for a dairy farm in Swaziland. Swaziland suffers from brutal poverty, HIV, and an enormous burden of orphaned and vulnerable children. The McCubbins began taking in kids at the dairy farm and Pasture Valley is now a thriving orphanage.

We began filming in 2016 and what you’re about to watch is a year-long compilation of the ways we saw Pasture Valley share the heart of Jesus with those suffering around them.  

We’d like to invite you to take a journey to Pasture Valley Children's Home to experience hope and inspiration like never before. Form Films donates all proceeds from the movie to the children's home, so renting or buying a copy is a great way for you to support the ministry!

- Andy

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about pasture valley CHILDREN'S HOME


In the tiny Kingdom of Swaziland, land-locked between South Africa and Mozambique, Pasture Valley founders Peter & Michelle McCubbin provide for their family through their farm and research, while also providing a safe, nurturing home to more than 40 orphaned and vulnerable children from the surrounding communities. However, their outreach is not limited to Pasture Valley. They support the entire region through care and training, as well as micro-enterprise opportunities. Their impact is changing lives and bringing hope to the hopeless.


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